Private Fund Advisory


We provide capital raising, secondary market and other independent advisory services to private fund sponsors and limited partners worldwide. Our Private Funds Advisory team has extensive experience raising capital for a wide variety of financial sponsors, fund types, and individual transactions. The team’s capabilities are fully integrated with our global platform, ensuring marketing efforts have the broadest possible reach. We deliver streamlined, global, targeted and comprehensive fundraising strategies and process for industry leaders and emerging star alternative asset class investment managers exclusively focused on the institutional investment community. Our goal is to integrate placement and consultancy services that don't drain our client's internal resources. Our refined and well-structured process distills the essence of what make the team and the strategy successful.


We deliver a marketing program designed to reflect the questions and concerns of the institutional investor community and to distill the essence of what makes the team and strategy special. The result is an institutionally wrapped and unique effort suited for an efficient, disciplined and persistent fund raise. The program is focused on a customized list of target limited partners, prioritizing them by their likelihood of investing and outlining a schedule to engage with them. We are committed to providing clients with critical background information on the current focus of an investor and its investment process prior to the first meeting.


The cornerstone of our advisory process is to provide a comprehensive placement service including an advisory and execution process that leads to expeditious fundraising from a targeted and diverse group of institutional investors. Tigress Financial Partners strategically assist in developing a relationship between client and investor. Each mandate is tailored to our client in order to demonstrate our shared values and insure we become essential members of the team and enhance our client's productivity and maximize their success. This staged process includes execution and state of the art reporting that clients can track.


Our professionals record all points of contact with investors and share these and other relevant insights contained in our proprietary database with clients. We continually update and reflect shifts in the key personnel, portfolio allocations and appetite for alternatives from the institutional investor community. We command streamlined execution tactics evolved over several decades of resourceful investor relationships and knowledge through daily interaction with all participants in the global alternatives market to achieve our client's goals.


We pride ourselves on the extensive heritage of our industry professionals at Tigress Financial Partners and our long track record of success and familiarity with the approval path employed by institutional investors and their consultants. We value our longstanding business relationships with key decision makers. Our deep institutional expertise has allowed us privileged access to institutional investors where we have built a network of relationships and a powerful bond with key players in the investment community. Through our top tier and in debt knowledge of institutional investor's preferences we believe we are able to find the right investors who will be supportive of our clients.

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